1. A Cowboy REST CRUD application with a supervised OTP database process

    This document explains a REST application built in Erlang on top of the Cowboy Web server. The application supports the following operations: add record, get recort, get list of records, update record. The records are stored in a DETS database, and are, therefore, persistent. This example is similar to the REST CRUD example in the previous post but differs in that all database/DETS operations are performed in a separate process that keeps the DETS database open.

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  2. An experimental Erlang framework and behavior for cellular automata

    This post describes work toward the implementation of a framework on top of which we can implement cellular automata (CA) that can be used to model behavior of real world systems. An interesting and potentially powerful aspect of this work is that each cell or agent is realized as an Erlang process, making it possible to model systems containing arbitrarily complex actors.

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